Susie's Professional Pet Grooming is a full-service professional dog grooming facility. Your short, furry family members are treated with the same care and compassion that we bestow on our own precious pets. We use only top quality shampoos and conditioners. All pets are initially hand dried to remove excess water and fluff the coat and then rest on a soft mat in a drying area to keep the pets warm and complete the final drying process. We never use heat on any of our dryers - just circulated warm air.
The pet care professionals at Susie's Professional Pet Grooming are trained in-house by Susie, who has been grooming and training groomers since 1974. All groomers are trained to the highest standard of safety and excellence. Only extremely gentle, kind groomers are accepted. We are constantly updating our styles, equipment and procedures to the most current standards and styles.
All the grooming professionals at Susie's Pet Grooming strive to make the grooming experience for all pets (and their people) as comfortable and happy an experience as possible.
We are always willing to work with troubled, elderly or disabled pets in order to find ways to make their grooming a happy experience to look forward to, rather than a terrifying or painful one. 

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Susie's Professional Pet Grooming, Inc
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