A variety of elements can affect the price of a grooming.
  • The breed of the dog and whether the type of coat is reminiscent of that particular breed.
  • The size of the dog
  • The condition of the coat
  • The type of clip (longer clips must be done by hand, so will therefore be more costly.)
  • And the pet's temperament.

Please call 402-330-9978 for the fee for your type of pet. We cannot give a definite price over the phone, but will try to give as close of an estimate as possible. If you would like a more accurate price, please bring your pet by the shop so we can make an assessment.

All our groomings, whether they are brushouts on short-haired dogs or full cuts, include nail trimming and grinding, hair plucked out of ears and ears cleaned and a full bath with premium shampoos and conditioners.